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Statement on Quality Health Care

Oral health care is an integral component of health care. The Association promotes the public's oral health through commitment of member dentists to provide quality dental care.

Historically, the quality of dental care and the level of oral health care enjoyed by citizens of the United States have been significantly enhanced by freedom of choice, fee-for-service dentistry.

Quality oral health care is characterized by the effective integration of multiple components of care consisting of prevention, acceptable treatment modalities, access, availability, utilization, patient management, patient autonomy, practice management, dental ethics and professionalism.

Quality oral health care is only possible when treatment decisions and planning are determined by the dentist and the patient, based on the patient's oral health needs and status.

Any entity which seeks to participate in the managed dental benefit marketplace should be required by federal and state legislation to design and fund managed care dental plans that emphasize the value and importance of prevention, utilization, access, availability, cost effectiveness, acceptable treatment modalities, specialist referrals, the profession's peer review system and an efficient administrative process.

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