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Navigating the System

  • Preferred browsers supporting this system are Internet Explorer and Firefox. 
  • Only use the buttons within the page to navigate the application; do not use your browser back and forward buttons as you may lose some data.
  • If this is your first time applying at the ADA, please register in order to get to the application pages.
  • In the application, complete all the required information in the fields marked with an *, otherwise you will not be able to continue and save.
  • You can attach files in .doc or docx, .pdf or.txt formats only for your resume and other attachments. Each application allows you to attach a resume or to copy and paste the text. In your profile page, you can attach other documents, such as a cover letter or references. All individual attachments are limited to no more than 4 mg.
  • You must allow popup windows if you want to review the files that you are attaching. You may need to hold the CTRL key while viewing attachments.
  • You must agree to the terms that appear when you submit your application in order to complete the submission process. You must use the Submit function to complete the application, saving allows you to save the information you entered, but does not submit the application.
  • You must enter an e-mail address in order to receive a confirmation that your application has been received; this will be the only acknowledgement you will receive.
  • The Careers Home Page displays a maximum of 5 positions on one page.
  • If there are more than 5 positions posted, click on the Next button to view more open positions.

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First Time Users

  • If you access our system for the first time, you must register by creating an account with a username and password. We recommend that you use your e-mail address as your username to create a unique identity. If you forget your password, you can request that a new one be sent to the e-mail address in your profile.
  • Your application includes a profile section with your personal information, which contains your contact information. You can return to our site at any time to update the information on your profile.
  • You must apply to a particular position in order to be considered. You may apply to multiple positions. 
  • Once your application has been submitted, you may review it but not change it.  However, you  may change your profile information at any time.  

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Searching for Jobs

General Search Tips
In the basic job search on the Careers Home page, you can search for specific jobs. Enter a keyword and click on the Search button. In the search results, select the particular job by clicking on the job title.

Advanced Search
You may conduct a more selective search or create job agents by clicking on Advanced Search from the Careers Home Page.

Search field details

  • Keyword: Enter a keyword or multiple keywords
  • Location: Click the location of interest.
  • Full/Part-Time:  The majority of positions at the ADA are full-time positions.
  • Regular or Temporary Work: The majority of positions at the ADA are regular positions.
  • Job Opening ID: You may enter the job opening ID of a specific opening, if you have that information available.
  • Find Jobs Posted Within: You may narrow the search by selecting a more specific time period in which to search for positions.
  • Display Results: Results may be displayed by date posted or by location.
  • Click on Search 

Creating Job Search Agent

  • You may create a job search agent to notify you if a position opens up that matches your search criteria.
  • Use the search field details, but click on "Save Search." 
  • Name: Enter a name for your search.
  • Click on "Use as Job Agent."
  • Enter the e-mail address to where you want the search notification to be sent.
  • You may create up to three Job Search Agents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the job listing updated with new positions?
New positions are posted as they become available.

Can I apply for more than one job using a single application?
Yes, from the job search results select the jobs by checking the box next to the position title, then click Apply for Selected Jobs.

How do I log in if I forgot my user name or password?
From the Careers Home Page, click on the "Login Help" link. You can enter your user name to receive a new password or enter your e-mail address to receive your user name information.

I did not receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt of my application.
The system automatically generates an acknowledgement to the e-mail address that was entered into your profile. You can verify if your application was successfully completed by clicking on My Career Tools from the Careers Home page. If you completed the application, a status of Applied will display for that position, if not, the status will state Not Applied. Click on the job title to complete the application process. In addition, you may want to verify that you entered a valid e-mail address that can receive automatically generated responses.

What is the difference between an application and a profile?
A profile contains only your contact information and is not linked to a specific job opening. An application must be linked to a job opening and cannot be completed without selecting a job opening to which to apply. The application contains information about you and your qualifications as well as your resume.

The system timed out before I could complete my application. Did I lose the work I entered?
If the system timed out prior to clicking on the Save button, you may have lost any information entered. If you don’t see the application listed on My Career Tools page as being in “Not Applied” status then the information was not saved and you will need to restart the process. To avoid system time outs, please click on Save at least once every 15 minutes.

I have a draft application, but I no longer have an interest in those positions or wish to apply. How do I delete the draft application?
From the My Careers Tools page, click on the position title with a status of Not Applied, then click on Remove trash can at the top of the page. A window will appear asking if you want to delete the row, click on OK.

How do you include a cover letter?
You may include a cover letter as the front page of your resume or as a separate attachment. To add as a separate document, from the Careers Home page, click on My Career Tools located at the top of the page. On the My Career Tools page, click on the Add Attachment link. For Attachment Type, select Cover Letters from the drop down arrow, type in Cover Letter for Attachment Purpose, then click on Add Attachment and you will be requested to browse to locate and attach the document. You may only attach one cover letter.

I didn't find the jobs I expected when I used a common job title in my search.
You may want to search again using keywords that are likely to be used in the job posting.

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