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Membership is Valuable

You know that direct membership in the American Dental Association is a great value to you. After all, the ADA gives you access to publications, products and services such as the Journal of the American Dental Association, ADA News, Federal Dental News, ADA Professional Product Review, premier continuing education as well as financial, insurance and retirement programs.  And no matter where you are, you have member-only access to Plus the systematic reviews available from the Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry, accesible at, can help you make sound clinical decisions. 

The ADA is your advocate in Washington, working to secure greater appropriations for scholarship and accession bonuses, increase pay, and facilitate military dental research.

The ADA also is your advocate within the profession! The ADA is steadfast in its efforts to facilitate change in the dental licensure process to allow freedom of movement for dentists.

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Now Paying Your Dues Is Easy

Paying your ADA membership dues is easier than ever, with the Installment Payment Program for Federal Dental Services Members. There are four payments (25 percent of your dues each payment), in November, January, March and May. You can choose to have the payments automatically charged to a credit card or debited from your checking account. Best of all, there is no charge for this service!

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How Much Are Dues?

As direct members in the American Dental Association, federal dental service members pay only national dues (no state or local society dues). The amount of full dues is set and approved every October by the ADA House of Delegates. In 2013 the total dues are $522.

Recent dental school graduates are eligible to participate in the ADA's Reduced Dues Program. Dentists will pay 0 percent of full national dues in the first membership year following graduation, 25 percent in the second, 50 percent in the third, 75 percent in the fourth, and 100 percent in the fifth and thereafter. For those completing an advanced dental education program or residency immediately following dental school, the zero dues year and reduced dues payments begin following completion of their graduate program, so long as the dentist maintains ADA graduate student membership.  Learn more about Membership After Dental School.

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Who Is Eligible?

All Federal Dental Service members are eligible for the Dues Installment Payment Program with the exception of those paying graduate student dues ($30).

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How Do I Sign Up?

The deadline for signing up for the Dues Installment Payment Program is November 2, 2013. Just select the payment option you prefer, credit card or checking account. Complete and sign the authorization form. Return it to the ADA, along with a voided check if you selected the checking account option, or you may sign up using the online form:

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Will I Get A Confirmation?

After the level of dues have been set by the ADA House of Delegates in October, you will receive a letter by confirming your participation in the Installment Payment Program, the amount of full national dues/assessment, and your expected dues payment. (Recent graduates eligible for the ADA's Reduced Dues Program may pay less than 100 percent of national dues, as above.)

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When Will My Account Be Charged?

Your credit card or checking account will be charged on the following dates:

  • November 20, 2013
  • January 20, 2014
  • March 20, 2014
  • May 20, 2014

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What If I Don't Have Sufficient Funds/Credit On The Payment Date?

If you select the checking account option, it would be as if you had written a check with insufficient funds; there may be fees incurred from the financial institutions involved. If you select the credit card option and your payment is not authorized, you will be contacted regarding alternative payment arrangements.

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Suppose I Want To Switch To Another Account Or Credit Card?

You may change the account or credit card you are using for your installment payments by notifying the ADA's office of Federal Dental Membership Services Office by phone or by mail (please do not send credit card or check information by e-mail).

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Can I Sign Up Now For Future Years?

Yes! If you'd like to use the installment program again next year and in future years, just check the box on the authorization form. You will get a confirmation of your participation every fall. Just remember that if you close your account or cancel your credit card, notification is required.

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Sign Up For the FDS Installment Payment Program

To sign up for the Installment Payment Program, simply print and complete the following form, and return it to the American Dental Association. If selecting the checking account option, please also enclose a voided check from the account you want debited. Remember to keep a copy of the form for your own records.

Return to: American Dental Association
FDS Membership Office, 20th Floor
211 East Chicago Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611

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ADA Dues Waiver Available for Federal Service Dentists

Federal dentists who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to apply for a dues waiver through the FDS Membership Office. Members may request full or partial dues waivers, depending upon the situation. To request a waiver form, contact the FDS Membership Office at 800-232-2083 / 312-440-4646 or

Contact Information
ADA FDS Membership Office
Telephone: 800-232-2083

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