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The American Dental Association’s (ADA) Council on Dental Practice developed this Directory of Dental Practice Management Consultants to provide dentists with a new resource for solving common practice management problems.

The Directory lists individuals engaged in a wide variety of customized services for dentists that could improve the operation and efficiency of their dental practice. The Council on Dental Practice does not endorse these individuals, nor did the Council review or verify the information contained in their individual listing (see full disclaimer).

Practice management consultants may provide staff training and motivation; assist with streamlining scheduling and supply procedures; create unique, comprehensive marketing strategies; or assist dentists in understanding regulatory requirements. Some consultants operate locally while others cover larger areas of the country.

Consultants can help you set a timeline and realistic goals to improvement. They can help you overcome common pitfalls to success. Recommendations from the consultant could range from ways of modifying billing and collection procedures to installing computer systems.

It may be important that your own attorney review any agreement that you sign with a consultant, as the ADA cannot accept responsibility for reviewing private contracts between dentists and listed consultants in the Directory. You may also want to look closely to see if your potential agreement clearly states what are your obligations and what are those of the consultant.

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Directory of Dental Practice Management Consultants

You can search the Directory of Dental Practice Management Consultants via the top navigation on this page.

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