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Valuating a dental practice often becomes necessary during the life cycle of a practice. The natural progression from office inception and startup, to growth, and finally, to sale to another individual, requires knowledge of the worth of that practice.

Some reasons for value determination could be the formation of either a dental associateship or partnership; desire to purchase a satellite office; determining a practice’s value in order to settle an estate, a divorce, or when returning to dental school for specialty training.

Whatever the reason, valuation methods to determine the "fair market value" of service businesses can vary widely. In fact, in many transactions, matters of goodwill and other intangibles, as well as changes in tax law, are difficult to determine. However, lenders, insurance underwriters, potential dental partners or associates may require that the worth of a dental practice be known in advance of any decisions.

Dentists who prefer to calculate the value of their practice for themselves or who want to better understand the details of particular valuation methods, may find help in the American Dental Association publication, Valuing a Practice: A Guide For Dentists item J060, available from the ADA Catalog (or call 312-440-2500.)

The Directory of Dental Practice Appraisers and Brokers is a listing of professionals who are engaged in providing dental practice appraisal and who have paid to advertise their services. The Council on Dental Practice does not endorse these individuals, nor did the Council review or verify the information contained in their individual listing (see full disclaimer).

Competent financial and business advisors may be recommended to you by professionals that you already engage, or by colleagues or other professionals whom you trust. In addition, your state or local dental society may have other names of professional appraisers or brokers whom you might wish to consult.

These publications can offer useful assistance in locating business consultants and valuation services.

The purpose of the Directory is to respond to the following needs:

  • Provide a convenient listing of some dental practice appraisers and valuators in response to member requests;   
  • Assist constituent and component dental societies to manage the increasing number of requests for information at the local level; and   
  • Provide a directory useful for comparing appraisers within a region, before employing them.

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Directory of Dental Practice Appraisers & Brokers

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