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Hurricane Katrina, which affected much of the Gulf region of the U.S. in 2006, was one of the most costly natural disasters in history. Due to ongoing need for certain resources pertaining to recovery efforts, the ADA is continuing to offer relevant information regarding this hurricane and resulting floods

Patient Resources

Dental offices that were partially damaged by the hurricanes may have reopened or relocated. If you are a patient from Louisiana or Mississippi who cannot locate your dentist, here are some resources for referrals and treatment.


The Louisiana Dental Association may be able to help you locate your Dentist or provide a referral to another office.

Louisiana State University School of Dentistry
Temporary Clinic
Baton Rouge Louisiana on the LSU South Campus
8000 G.S.R.I. Avenue.

New and Existing Patients: Please contact Patient Information at 225-334-2040 or 225-334-4939 to schedule an appointment or re-schedule an existing appointment.

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The Mississippi Dental Association may be able to help you locate your Dentist or provide a referral to another office.

Dental Care
University of Mississippi School of Dentistry’s Emergent Care Clinic
Jackson Medical Mall at 350 West Woodrow Wilson, Jackson, MS


Community Health Centers in Mississippi

Charity Dental Care

Donated Dental Services

Mission First, Inc.,
275 Roseneath St., Jackson, MS

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Countrywide Resources

If you have relocated to a state other than Louisiana or Mississippi first, contact the local dental society in the area. If you are not able to find a local dental society, contact the state dental association for assistance.

The network of affiliated Affordable Dentures dental practices is donating $1 Million in denture services to people affected by hurricane Katrina. Dentures and related services will be provided free to victims whose dentures were lost or damaged during the storm or subsequent relief efforts, or have been relocated and are in need of dental care. To learn more, visit

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