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Infection Control

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To find information about the topic listed on this page, please visit the page about Infection Control.


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The CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental Health Care Settings—2003 are the standard of care for infection control in dentistry. This report provides recommendations regarding 1) educating and protecting dental health-care personnel; 2) preventing transmission of bloodborne pathogens; 3) hand hygiene; 4) personal protective equipment; 5) contact dermatitis and latex hypersensitivity; 6) sterilization and disinfection of patient-care items; 7) environmental infection control; 8) dental unit waterlines, biofilm, and water quality; and 9) special considerations (e.g., dental handpieces and other devices, radiology, parenteral medications, oral surgical procedures and dental laboratories).

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Additional Resources

The CDC website has a section on infection control that is designed for dental professionals. Below are links to information from the CDC and other agencies and organizations. The American Dental Association did not produce the material you will find on these sites, and presence of a link here does not imply or constitute ADA endorsement. We also have provided links to additional resources developed by the ADA.

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