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Medicaid Reports

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ADA State Innovations Compendium Update, Revised Edition

The ADA is pleased to release a revised report, State Innovations to Improve Access to Oral Health Care for Low-Income Children: A Compendium Update, to record the activities states have pursued in an effort to improve access to oral health care for children enrolled in Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

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Policy Briefs

To assist members and other dental stakeholders in advocating for improvements to their dental Medicaid programs, the ADA has published a series of policy briefs highlighting state innovations to help state legislators understand the necessity of establishing market-based reimbursement for dental Medicaid services. In addition, these briefs offer ways to improve the administration of the Medicaid program and expand efforts to encourage patient compliance with dental appointments and improve public awareness about the importance of oral health. These briefs are based on information published in the September 2003 ADA report "State Innovations to Improve Access to Oral Health Care for Low-Income Children: A Compendium."

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White Paper

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Additional Resources

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