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OralLongevity videos can be viewed below. You may also download the OralLongevity brochure (PDF), which contains both an English and Spanish version. If you are interested in using OralLongevity material for your practice or business, please read this permissions usage PDF and then fill out the OralLongevity permissions form (PDF).   


  • Introduction: Dr. Kathleen Roth, D.D.S.
  • Chapter One: Welcome and Overview
  • Chapter Two: What to Expect as You Get Older
  • Chapter Three: How to Stay Healthy for a Lifetime
    • Links Between a Healthy Mouth and Body
    • Oral Cancer Kills, Early Detection Saves Lives
    • Dry Mouth is a Serious Problem
    • Chewing Slowly and Eating Well
  • Chapter Four: How to Take Care of Yourself
  • Chapter Five: How to Help a Family Friend with Mouth Care
  • Chapter Six: How to Get More Information on Dentistry and Oral Healthcare