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To promote your practice’s success, the ADA provides a number of practice tools to assist you in demonstrating your commitment to high-quality care.

Checklist for Starting a New Practice

Provides a list of issues frequently confronted by dentists opening a new practice. Download the free PDF here.

Starting Your Dental Practice

The ADA distributes the Starting Your Dental Practice resource electronically to all fourth-year dental students via the dental school faculty. For more information, contact ADA Office of Student Affairs at 312.440.7470 or at

Practice Management Infopak

Many new graduates go into private practice, whether as an employee, independent contractor, or owner. It’s never too early to think about the kind of practice that best fits you.  The ADA has the resources to help you determine your future in dentistry, and to help you get started once you’ve made that decision.

Surveys and Research

The Survey Center produces a variety of research on practice management, including the free Survey of Dental Practice Series. Review all available surveys here.

The ADA Catalog also has numerous practice management books and tools for dentists.

A New Dentist's Guide to ADA Membership 

The booklet, A New Dentist's Guide to ADA Membership, also highlights a number of practice management tools, among other benefits. 

Center for Professional Success

Find Practice Information at the ADA's New Center for Professional Success Website.


The ADA Center for Professional Success is a new interactive web resource to help members succeed as both dental practitioners and small business owners.