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Direct Reimbursement

Direct Reimbursement (DR®) is a self-funded dental benefits plan that reimburses patients according to dollars spent on their necessary dental care. It allows the patient complete freedom to choose any dentist. Instead of paying monthly insurance premiums, even for employees who don't use the dentist, employers pay a percentage of actual treatments received. Moreover, employers are removed from the potential responsibility of influencing treatment decisions due to plan selection or sponsorship. DR is the ADA's preferred method of financing dental treatment.

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With Direct Reimbursement (DR), it's easy to create a dental plan to meet your company's specific needs.

DR is a self-funded group dental plan in which the employee is reimbursed based on a percentage of dollars spent for dental care provided, and which allows employees to seek treatment from the dentist of their choice.

Whether you're an HR benefits decision maker, a dental professional or a consultant/broker, DR may be of interest to you. Find out why thousands of companies are already enjoying the simple advantages of Direct Reimbursement.

The American Dental Association strongly supports DR, the dental profession's preferred method for financing dental treatment. The two primary reasons for this support are freedom of choice and fee-for-service dentistry.

For more information, please visit our Direct Reimbursement pages.