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Evaluation and Operational Policies and Procedures       

The Commission’s Evaluation and Operational Policies and Procedures Manual (EOPP) provides information about the Commission on Dental Accreditation's accreditation and operational policies and procedures for all institutions sponsoring dental, allied dental and advanced dental education programs. The manual contains background information on the Commission and its accreditation policies, as well as specific information to assist programs in attaining accreditation and in preparing for on-site reviews. This manual has been updated to reflect changes/revisions made at the Winter 2013 Commission meeting.   

If you prefer, EOPP can be sent to you by e-mailing or by calling staff at 312-440-4653.

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Policy on Accreditation of Off-Campus Sites

The Commission on Dental Accreditation must be informed when a program accredited by the Commission plans to initiate an off-campus site (a distance site and/or additional training site not located on the main campus). The Commission must be informed in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to a regularly scheduled semi-annual Review Committee meeting and the program must receive Commission on Dental Accreditation approval of off-campus site prior to initiating use of the site. To assist programs in reporting the addition of off-campus sites, guidelines have been developed.   

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Complaint Policy

A complaint is defined by the Commission on Dental Accreditation as one alleging that a Commission-accredited educational program, or a program which has an application for initial accreditation pending, may not be in substantial compliance with Commission standards or required accreditation procedures.   

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Electronic Submission Guidelines

Effective on January 1, 2008, all accreditation materials sent to the Commission must be done so electronically.

The Policy on Electronic Submission of Accreditation Materials states that programs will provide the Commission with an electronic version of all accreditation documents/reports and related materials. These documents may include but are not limited to self-study guides, responses to site visit/progress reports, initial accreditation applications, reports of major change, transfer of sponsorship and exhibits. The Commission will provide programs with electronic submission guidelines including accepted formats. Accreditation documents/reports and related materials must be complete and comprehensive. The Commission will assess a fee per discipline self-study document and per general correspondence/report (major change, increase in enrollment, transfer of sponsorship, progress report, response to site visit report, for example) to the program for converting the document to an electronic version. 

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Guidelines for Reporting a Program Change

The Commission on Dental Accreditation recognizes that education and accreditation are dynamic, not static, processes. Ongoing review and evaluation often leads to changes in an educational program. The Commission views change as part of a healthy educational process and encourages programs to make them as part of their normal operating procedures.

Changes have a direct and significant impact on the program's potential ability to comply with the accreditation standards. These changes tend to occur in the areas of finance, program administration, enrollment, curriculum and clinical/laboratory facilities, but may also occur in other areas.

The Commission must be informed of any changes that relate to an accreditation standard.

Changes that require prior Commission approval must be reported at least thirty (30) days before regularly scheduled semi-annual Review Committee meetings.

Changes that do not require Review Committee and Commission review must be reported to the Commission in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the anticipated implementation of the change.

Please contact Commission staff to determine reporting requirements and deadlines.

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Guidelines for Requesting an Increase in Enrollment

The Commission on Dental Accreditation monitors increases in enrollment. An increase in enrollment must be reported to and approved by the Commission prior to implementation. Failure to comply with the policy will jeopardize the program’s accreditation status.

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