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Statement by the American Dental Association Regarding Phase-out of ADA Intelligent Dental Marketing (ADAidm)

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CHICAGO, July 10, 2009—ADA Intelligent Dental Marketing (ADAidm) of Salt Lake City, a joint venture with ADA Business Enterprises, Inc., (ADABEI), a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Dental Association (ADA), has experienced significant production and operational difficulties. The ADA leadership regrets that this has occurred. After careful consideration, ADABEI has determined that the best solution for our members, ADAidm customers and our Association, is to resolve outstanding contractual obligations and to dissolve our business relationship with ADAidm.

ADAidm will be providing customers with a full refund for paid undelivered goods and services on their contracts with the company. Refunds will be made within 60 days. Customers are being notified and a special team is working to resolve customer issues.

ADABEI announced the formation of ADAidm in February 2007 to help ADA members build and market their dental practices. ADAidm offered a comprehensive suite of customized dental marketing products and services designed to attract and retain customers, including direct mail, Web site development, advertising and logo and identity development.

The Board of Trustees took definitive action and appointed ADA trustee Dr. Robert Faiella to be Chair of ADABEI and to resolve the ADAidm issues, as well as to oversee the successful ongoing ADABEI programs. The ADA Board has directed teams at ADABEI and ADAidm to work diligently to resolve the ADAidm situation.

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