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ADA Honors State and Local Dental Societies for their Outreach Programs

2009 Golden Apple Awards

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CHICAGO, September, 30, 2009—The American Dental Association (ADA) continues to honor state and local dental societies across the nation with the 2009 Golden Apple Awards. The Golden Apple Awards program, now in its 21st year, recognizes outstanding achievement in dental society activities and excellence in leadership. The 2009 Golden Apple Awards will be presented through the end of the year to the following societies:
  • Legislative Achievement — West Virginia Dental Association, “Building Dental Workforce Infrastructure through Legislative Initiative,” received the award in the constituent society category with a total membership of fewer than 1,000 dentists. The Indiana Dental Association, “Indiana Assignment of Benefit,” received the award for a constituent society with total membership of more than 1,000 dentists.
  • Excellence in Membership Recruitment and Retention Activity – The Maryland State Dental Association, “The Maryland Dental Leadership Roundtable,” for membership recruitment.
  • Excellence in Dental Health Promotion to the Public – The Livingston District (MI) Dental Society, “VINA Dental Clinic,” received the award for the component category. The North Carolina Dental Society, “NC Missions of Mercy Public Awareness,” received the award for the constituent category. • Excellence in Member-Related Services/Benefits —California Dental Association “CDA Leadership Education Conference and Regional Training” received the award for the dental society with total membership of more than 1,000 dentists.
  • Outstanding Achievement in the Promotion of Dental Ethics— New York State Dental Association, “Ethics & Jurisprudence for the Dental Practitioner.”
  • Achievement in Dental School/Student Involvement in Organized Dentistry — Indiana Dental Association, “Oral Health Policy Forum.”
  • Open Category — Georgia Dental Association, “GDA 150th Anniversary,” received the award for the constituent category. The Nashville Dental Society, “Interfaith Dental Clinic,” received the award in the component category.
  • Inspiring Careers in Dental Education award — Dr. Mark Ochs, University of Pittsburgh, School of Dental Medicine; Dr. Richard G. Stevenson, III, University of California, Los Angeles, School of Dentistry and John A. Molinari, PhD, University of Detroit-Mercy School of Dentistry. They all received the award for the predoctoral level category.

Golden Apple Awards were also presented at the ADA 23rd New Dentist Conference, which took place April 30-May 2 in Miami. Dr. Courtney Alexander, Texas Dental Association, received the New Dentist Leadership Award. Dr. Ethan Glickman, Middlesex County (NJ) Dental Society, received the Outstanding Leadership in Mentoring Award. Dr. Matt Niewald, Missouri Dental Association, received the New Dentist Legislative Leadership Award.

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