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Give Kids A Smile University 2011

For the past four years, the GKAS "Promising Practices: Symposium has offered individuals the opportunity to share ideas and methods of conducting GKAS programs. As the Give Kids A Smile program enters its 10th year, this symposium will be replaced by the new “Give Kids A Smile University” program. This program will offer individuals a more hands-on learning experience, working as ambassadors to the St. Louis GKAS Clinic from October 26-30, 2011.

Please check back after the event for proceedings and details about the Give Kids A Smile University.

Raising the Momentum Through Continuity of Care:
Finding Dental Homes for America’s Children

IMAGE: Give Kids A Smile proceedings cover

Download Symposium Proceedings in one file (PDF/6.7MB)

July 22–23, 2010
American Dental Association
Chicago, IL

Agenda (PDF)

Give Kids A Smile Oral Health Awareness and Education Literacy Program (PDF) 
Dillon Kalkhurst, director of business development and specialty programs, Scholastic, Inc.

Statistical Analysis and Overview of the 2010 GKAS Day Data (PDF)
Matthew Warren, manager, Electronic Claims, Health Policy Resources Center (HPRC)

Making GKAS More Than Just a Day: A Social Scientist Looks at Care Continuity (PDF/1.2MB) 
Dr. Burton L. Edelstein, founder and chair, Professor of Dentistry and Health Policy & Management, Columbia University, Children’s Dental Health Project

GKAS® DATABASE: The Key to Quick, Efficient GKAS® Program Coordination (PDF)
Vani Anand, MPH, CHES, oral health care coordinator, Oral Health Bridgeport Initiative (ORBIT); Meredith Ferraro, executive director and Joan Lane, director of programs, Southwestern Area Health Education Center (AHEC)

The 5 W’s of your new strategic partner: Dental Students (PDF)
Colleen Greene, dental student, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Filling the Gap: Providing access to free health care and case management to America’s uninsured children (PDF)
Debra Wood, M.S., program director and Olimata K. Faal, B.A., intern, Project K.I.N.D.

Dental Solutions for Children: Creating and sustaining a dental safety net for school-age children (PDF)
Jessica Minahan and Catherine Pederson, founders, Dental Solutions for Children Program, Salem-Keizer School District

Continuing the Momentum for Continuity of Care: Medicaid Symposium (PDF) 
Dr. Steve Geiermann, senior manager, access, community oral health infrastructure & capacity, Council on Access, Prevention and Interprofessional Relations (CAPIR)

Maximizing the Continuing Education (CE) Credit: Can your group offer CE credit for its activities? (PDF) 
Marsha Stiegel, director, Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning (CELL)

How Do You Line Up Your Dental Volunteers? (PDF)
Dr. Jeff Dalin, co-founder, Give Kids A Smile Day, St. Louis, MO

American Association of Public Health Dentistry—UIC Student Chapter and Goldie’s Place (PDF/1MB) 
Dr. Caswell Evans, Faulty Advisor, Goldie’s Place, Brian Homann, AAPHDsc President, UIC College of Dentistry and Rana Shahi, AAPHD, Goldie’s Clinic Director

OHSU’s Give Kids A Smile: Our History, How the Program is Run Today, and How Our Current Shapes our Future (PDF/1.5MB)
Lora Mattsen, executive director, Multnomah Dental Society and Vishal Panchmatia, dental student, Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland

Increasing Access to Oral Health Care for Vulnerable Populations through Community Health Workers (PDF)
Susan Bauer, MA, MPH, executive director, Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Guest Presenters (PDF)

Participant List (PDF)

Additional Proceedings:

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