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IMAGE: Give Kids A Smile Participants
Photo courtesy ADA News

Please note: We do not retain records from year to year. Even if you signed up for Give Kids A Smile Day in previous years, you need to sign-up again this year. You do not need to be a member of the ADA to participate in this program.

Why sign-up?

  • To provide dental care & education to children who desperately need it.
  • To request products for your program from our generous sponsors.
  • To possibly get media coverage for your event.
  • To determine the success of the entire program. Knowing how many children were served and how many dental professionals participated helps our corporate sponsors justify their participation, generates positive media coverage for the profession and raises awareness regarding the need for a better health care system.

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Who should sign-up?

The person who completes the online form for your program will be known as the Primary Contact.

  • Primary Contacts designated by the group, society, clinic or school conducting a GKAS program should sign-up their program. Individuals do NOT need to sign-up if they are participating in a group/society program.
  • Individuals should sign-up only if they are conducting their own program and are not part of any group program. If you'd like to participate with a group, contact your state or local dental society.
  • The Primary Contact will receive all program information via e-mail. The Primary Contact should disseminate this information to participants of their program.

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How long will it take me to sign-up?

  • About 10 minutes
    Please Note: Your session will “time out” if you have the online form open but do not enter any information for a period of 20 minutes. You will be warned prior to this happening, and will be offered a chance to extend your session. If you don't, you will lose all information you entered during that session.

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What information should I have ready to sign-up?

  • You may enter basic information and return at any time to update or add to this information.
  • Information requested is:
    • ADA Number (optional—you do not need to be a member to participate)
    • Primary Contact name, address, phone, e-mail address
    • Type of Event (select from options)
    • Estimated Total Dollar Value
      Note: The number of estimated services to be provided and donated multiplied by the approximate charge/fees for these services in your area.
    • Estimated Number of Children (you'll be serving)
    • Number of Participants (in your program including, assistants, hygienists, office staff, students, dental team members, other health care team members, lay volunteers)
    • Brief summary of your event
    • Media Spokesperson (name and contact information)
    • Request Products (Optionally from program sponsors. This is only a request and you will be notified at a later date if you are selected to receive products.)
    • Shipping Information for requested products

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User ID

  • After submitting your online form, a screen containing your User ID will confirm your entry. Print this page or note the User ID —you will need it to update your information. You will also receive a User ID e-mail for your records.

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How and why should I update my information?

  • Update or edit your information online at any time after your initial sign-up. To do so you will need your user ID. If you misplaced your user ID, please email
  • Please update your information AFTER your event to reflect the actual number of participants and children served. This will help us better determine the success of the program and make you eligible for a $500 award.

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Reminders and important notices

  • Visit the Introduction page regularly for updates and reminders.
  • Primary Contacts—Please communicate updates and information to your program participants. Forward the program e-mail updates you receive or provide your participants' e-mail addresses for our GKAS mailing list using the “Sign-up for E- communications” form.
  • Dental Societies can find reports and information on the State Summary page.
  • See Contact Information to get answers to your questions.

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Important dates

  • November 9, 2012—Give Kids A Smile Day sign up product request deadline
  • Week of January 21, 2012—Product delivered
  • February 1, 2013—GKAS Event Day
  • After your GKAS event, update your online information to reflect the actual number of participants and children served.

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