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The ADA Vendor Showcase e-campaign program provides industry an opportunity to use the ADA e-mail list for company-specific messaging. Industry provides the message, offer and links, which the ADA sends to 43,000+ subscribers, using the ADA template.

Technical Specifications

The American Dental Association’s e-mails are produced and distributed on the Windows operating system with Exact Target, an HTML-based e-mail program and supporting database. The ADA reserves the right to alter these styles for clarity and to match our e-publication style guide. To ensure a high quality e-mail marketing campaign, the following guidelines for submission of electronic content must be followed:


Content must be submitted electronically. The ADA will also not accept any type of video or audio files for Vendor Showcase e-mails.

All artwork for Vendor Showcase e-mails must be received 15 business days prior to the distribution date. This allows the ADA adequate time for legal, creative and policy review. Receipt of files after the 15-day deadline may cause your Vendor Showcase e-mail to go at a later date, or be removed from the schedule.

Electronic graphic file formats

File formats must be accessible using Adobe Create Suite 3, including:

  • HTML
  • Photoshop PSD
  • Photoshop layered EPS, PNG, TIFF, JPG and GIF

Electronic media file format

  • The ADA does not except any video or audio files associated with Vendor Showcase e-mail messages

Image quality/DPI and color formats

  • All image files must be a minimum resolution of 72 dots per inch (dpi) in RGB color format.


  • All final artwork (layout, images and copy) must be set to 520 pixels wide, by a maximum of 1,500 pixels in length.
  • The ADA recommends resizing images accordingly to ensure image legibility and clarity.
  • If artwork is set to a width other than 520, the ADA reserves the right to resize any and all artwork in accordance with our template suite.


If supplemental copy is required, it must be supplied as one of the following formats:

  • E-mail text
  • E-mail HTML in-line or attached 

Hyperlinks and client pages

All linked and relevant product landing pages must be completed and available for review at the time artwork is supplied Vendor Showcase e-mails.

  • Images, Web links and other dynamic content within copy must be indicated accordingly.

Reporting & analytics

S&S Media will provide top-level analytics and reporting for each Vendor Showcase e-mail promotion, including:

  • Open rates
  • Click-through/interaction rates
  • Attrition rates

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Business Specifications

ADA Vendor Showcase coordinators rely on close adherence to technical specifications, ADA policy and timelines.  In order to provide vendors with the best possible results and service, it is imperative that:

  • All Vendor Showcase artwork and copy must comply with the ADA’s Advertising Standards. If changes are necessary to ensure the integrity of the communication, the ADA’s sales team will work with you to resolve any issues.
  • The ADA reserves the right to alter artwork, copy, contest rules and any other content for style. If the revisions are deemed substantial, you will have the right to accept or decline any adjustments to Vendor Showcase artwork or copy.
  • The ADA requires that all ads, contests, sweepstakes or special offers comply with applicable federal, state and local laws.
    • You are primarily responsible for assuring that your ads, contests, sweepstakes or special offers comply with applicable laws
    • At the time of submission of the artwork for your first e-mail message, you must affirm in writing via e-mail that all of your ADA Vendor Showcase e-mail messages that involve a contest, sweepstakes or special offer will, prior to submission to ADA, be reviewed and approved by the Vendor’s legal counsel.
  • The ADA will review your submission not only for strict legal compliance but also for clarity to ensure a positive ADA Vendor Showcase experience for our members.  Submissions may be returned for appropriate changes.  By way of example and without limitation, the ADA has returned ads that fail to include the following:
    • Explanation of limitations on special offers.
    • A statement that purchasing a product, accepting a service or participating in a training does not improve chances of winning.
    • A statement that entry is by e-mail only or a description of an alternative method of entry, if any.
    • A clear statement of who the sponsor is, including the address and contact information.
    • A statement whether winners need to be present at the drawing to win.
    • A statement that the contest, sweepstakes or special offer is void where prohibited.
    • Identification of the contest or sweepstakes sponsor, including its address and other contact information.
    • Descriptions of prizes.
    • Entry submission deadlines.
    • Otherwise unclear or incomplete contest or sweepstakes rules, or contest or sweepstakes rules that differ from rules posted on your Web site.
  • If you and the ADA cannot agree on creative, copy, or legal content, the ADA reserves the right to decline the content and remove the Vendor Showcase e-mail from the schedule.
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Contact Information

For questions regarding the ADA Vendor Showcase Specifications, contact Ms. Angela James at or 312-440-2867. To find out more details about participating in the ADA Vendor Showcase program, please call your local ADA sales representative.

Allen L. Schwartz
Director of Sales, Western Region
10225 NW Brentano Lane
McMinnville, OR 97128
Tel. 503-472-8614
Fax 503-961-0445
E-mail Allen Schwartz     

Jim Shavel
Director of Sales, Eastern Region
1554 Surrey Brook Court
Yardley, PA 19067
Tel. 215-369-8640
Fax 215-369-4381
E-mail Jim Shavel

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