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Save money when traveling to the 2013 ADA Management Conference Week by using Gant Travel Management, United Airlines or one of the participating rental car companies to make your travel reservations.


Gant Travel Management
Gant offers the lowest fares on all airlines. They can also take an additional discount using the ADA’s United Airlines contract. There is a $7 service fee per ticket issued for travel reservations made online.

United Airlines
If using the Gant site, the United Airlines codes are built-in and you do not need to add anything to receive the discount. If going to, enter the Z-code and Agreement code (without a space) in the Offer Code Box: ZNWY488102

Car Rental

ADA members can take advantage of great cars and low rates with three different options:

Go to any of their websites and use CODE ADA7745. You can also call the dedicated ADA car rental phone number, 866.960.5880.

Learn more about other special travel benefits available to ADA members.

Directions to ADA Headquarters

The ADA Headquarters is located at 211 E. Chicago Avenue and is within walking distance from the Ritz Carlton Chicago.

Please allow a minimum of one hour for travel to/from the airport. If you are traveling on a weekday between the hours of 7 -9 a.m. or 4 -6 p.m. allow a minimum of 90 minutes for travel to/from either airport — Midway or O'Hare.

Taxi service from either airport is available for approximately $40-$50 one way.

You may also take advantage of Airport Express shuttle van service from both airports to major hotels. Service is available every 10-15 minutes, and reservations are not required going from the airport to downtown Chicago. A shared van is approximately $23-$30 one way and is a reliable service.

For a real taste of Chicago, try the CTA rapid transit system, which is available at both airports for approximately $2.50 one way. See above Directions to ADA Headquarters for detailed directions from either airport.

Chicago Attractions

For more information about Chicago, visit the Official Chicago Visitors' site, or email