Eligible applicants for IDEA Grants include:

  • Dental Schools
  • Advanced Dental Education Programs
  • Dental Hygiene Education Programs (ADA accredited)
  • Other Academic Institutions (formally accredited) or Testing Agencies
  • Other formally chartered and recognized international programs

Additional eligibility requirements include: 

  • The designated principal investigator must represent the primary applicant institution and must be responsible for project oversight and reporting. The applicants' institutional rules apply regarding eligibility of their faculty, staff, or associates to serve as investigators.
  • Proposals addressing the same topic by the same investigators may be submitted to the JCNDE no more than three times (i.e., no more than three IDEA grant funding cycles).

Funding Level and Budget Information

Applicants may request up to $60,000 for a project period of up to three years. This maximum request includes both direct and indirect (administrative) costs. 

  • For each year of the proposed project, all expenses for which IDEA funds are sought should be summarized on the budget form and justified in the Budget Narrative.
  • Full annual costs of the proposed project should be included in the Budget Narrative, including in-kind contributions. Other funding and in-kind support are not requirements for applications, nor are these criteria on which the selection of grant recipients is based. This information will be used to judge the adequacy of resources available to meet the project objectives.
  • Requests to purchase or lease equipment or requests for travel are acceptable, but must a) have a unique association with the project, b) be required to meet project objectives, and c) represent a limited portion of the total request. 
  • Indirect (administrative) costs for each year are limited to 10% of the total direct costs for that year.  For example, $40,000 (direct) + $4,000 = $44,000. 

Selection Processes

IDEA applicants must include a letter of intent with a 2-page summary of their proposed project. The letter must include the following: purpose, background, methodology, preliminary results (if available) and significance of the proposed study. After review of this letter of intent, applicants will be notified via email whether or not to continue with development of a full proposal.

Qualifying applications will be further reviewed by JCNDE staff to ensure their eligibility and completeness. Expert (peer) reviewers will then evaluate proposals using the following criteria:

  • Potential of the project to support the purposes of the JCNDE testing programs
  • Extent to which the proposed project is innovative or will advance assessment of entry level dental and dental hygiene practitioners
  • Adequacy of the research design or methodology
  • Qualifications of the principal investigator and primary project staff

The IDEA Steering Committee will recommend proposals for awards based on evaluative input of the peer reviewers and the following additional criteria:

  • Relevance and significance of the proposal to the purpose and goals of the IDEA  program and the potential applicability to JCNDE testing programs
  • Adequacy of the budget, timetable, and other key project resources

Proposals recommended by the Steering Committee will be forwarded to the JCNDE for final approval and funding.