The 2013-2014 application cycle is now closed. The following indicates the instructions that were applicable to that cycle.

Preliminary Submission

A letter of intent, which includes a 2-page summary of the proposal, must be received by July 11, 2013. After review of the letter, applicants will be notified via email by July 31, 2013 if they are to continue to develop a full proposal. The deadline for submission of qualifying proposals is October 31, 2013.

Electronic Submission

Because reviewers and JCNDE Steering Committee members will only have access to electronic documents, it is important that your electronic application is complete. Note that the application materials must be assembled in the order specified below. Send all of the materials in one electronic document by email to: If you are unable to attach the document to an email, you may save it on a USB drive or CD and submit it to the address below.

U.S. Postal Mail Submission

One application cover sheet bearing original signatures should be mailed to the JCNDE. The required attachments (documentation of non-profit and IRB review status, as described below) should be scanned if they are not currently available electronically. If it is not possible to scan the documents, they should also be placed at the back of the application cover sheet, in the designated order, and mailed to the JCNDE office address below.

Required Materials

The letter of intent with a 2-page summary of the proposal must include:

  • purpose
  • background
  • methodology
  • any preliminary results
  • significance of the proposed study

Applicants submitting qualifying proposals will be notified to continue and submit a full proposal as indicated above.

The application cover sheet (PDF) and any other non-electronic required attachments should be sent to the JCNDE address below.

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Full Submission (Qualifying Proposals)

Items A through H below are required materials to be included with your full proposal.

The completed proposal in electronic format must be received by October 30, 2013 to:
If electronic versions of certain documents are unavailable, please mail these documents via U.S. Postal Service under separate cover, along with your signed original application cover sheet to the address below. All materials must be received by
October 30, 2013.

A. Application Cover Sheet (PDF)

B. Documentation of the applicant's nonprofit status (e.g., certification as an IRS 501(c)(3), or other certification of immunity from taxation).

C. If the proposed project includes human subjects, either at the applicant organization or a collaborating site, indicate this on the application cover sheet by circling "yes" and attach a copy of official up-to-date documentation of its Institutional Review Board (IRB) certification status i.e., "pending," "approved," etc.) as of the date of the proposal submission. For projects designed to be "exempt," the JCNDE requires that the applicant's IRB provide written documentation that it meets related requirements. Note: IRB certification is required before a grant can be made; therefore, applicants must forward a copy of the final IRB status to the JCNDE.

D. Project Budget Form (PDF): This form should include summary information on expenditures where JCDNE funds are requested.

E. A Budget Narrative including a breakdown of the details of each expenditure category for which JCDNE funds are requested. This should  provide a justification for the request, describing how the expenditures are related and necessary to the performance of the proposed project.

F. A Table of Contents labeling each of the following sections of the proposal (including those in the Appendices):

  • An Abstract of the proposed project, not to exceed one double-spaced page, which succinctly describes the proposed activity, including: a concise statement of the project objectives, the rationale and primary methods to be employed, and how the proposed research will advance assessment in dental education or practice. The Abstract should serve as a concise and accurate description of the proposed work when it is separated from other application materials.
  • A Proposal Narrative should include the information listed below. This section of the application must be no more than 10 pages, double-spaced, in 11-point type with one-inch margins. All pertinent figures, charts, and tables should be included within this section.
  1. Background information and rationale for the proposed research, highlighting how the proposed project is innovative and fulfills the goals of the IDEA grant program. Any relevant published work should be cited and a list of those references should be included in the Appendices.
  2. The hypothesis or research question(s) and specific outcome objectives for the project. 
  3. A description of the research design and methodology to be employed in the project, including a) a clear description of how any data is to be collected and organized to facilitate analysis and b) the details of proposed analytic methods and statistical tools to be used.

G. The primary qualifications of the principal investigator and other key members of the research project team (including consultants) should be briefly described in the Proposal Narrative and included on the Biographical Data Form (PDF). Their roles in the project, highlighting evidence of their experience in dental, medical, or health education and their use of the tools and methods to be employed in the research, as required to meet
project objectives, should be noted. In situations where the project team has not yet been finalized, the required qualifications for filling openings should be noted.

H. Briefly address the adequacy of the project's timetable and of other key project resources to reach the stated objectives.

Appendices are to be used only as necessary, but should include:

1. Literature cited, including complete titles and all authors.
2. Current Biographical Data Forms for key project team members.
3. For proposals which include the participation or collaboration of organizations or individuals outside of the applicant institution, a letter of agreement documenting each institution's and any consultant's willingness to cooperate should be included. The letter must include a description of their roles in the project.

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Contact Information

Dr. Chien-Lin Yang
Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, Illinois 60611-2637


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