Projects Funded

IDEA Grant Programs


No projects were funded during the 2012-2013 IDEA grant cycle.


No projects were funded during the 2011-2012 IDEA grant cycle.


No projects were funded during the 2010-2011 IDEA grant cycle.


Pearson VUE
Principle Investigator: David Shin, Ph.D.
Grant Amount/Duration: $55,033/1 year
Project Title: Implications of Converting the NBDE and the NBDHE to a Computerized Adaptive Testing Format


Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Principle Investigator: Elsbeth Kalenderian, D.D.S.
Grant Amount/Duration: $59,750/2 years
Project Title: Early Performance in the Patient Doctor Relationship as a Predictor of Success in Dental Education


Case Western Reserve University
Principle Investigator: Kristin Z. Victoroff. D.D.S., Ph.D.
Grant Amount/Duration: $59,922/3 years
Project Title: Interactive Virtual Reality Patient-based Scenarios for Student Assessment


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Principle Investigator: Fritz Drasgow, Ph.D.
Grant Amount/Duration: $30,000/1 year
Project Title: Conspiracies and Test Compromise: An Evaluation of the Resistance of Testing Systems to Cheating


University of Kentucky-College of Dentistry
Principal Investigator: Brian R. MacPherson, Ph.D.
Grant Amount / Duration: $29,968 / 3 years
Project Title: An Innovative Media-Driven Testing Mechanism Integrating Basic and Clinical Science 

University of Illinois at Chicago- College of Medicine
Principal Investigator: Steven M. Downing, Ph.D.
Grant Amount / Duration: $29,488 / 1 year
Project Title: Maximizing Measurement Efficiency and Reliability: Optimum Number of Options for Multiple-choice Items and Optimum Number of Items for Case-based Testlets 

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