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How long is the turn-around time for receiving a license agreement?

The standard turn-around time for receiving a license agreement is two to four weeks. However, during busier times (such as around the release date of the new CDT Codes and during the ADA's Annual Session), the wait can up to two months. Turn-around time also increases if there are questions about your application. Please allow at least two weeks before inquiring about the status of your license application.

What is the cost of licensing the CDT Codes?

The royalty structure of CDT licensing varies depending on the type of license you need. Please contact the ADA's Department of Product Development and Sales at(312)440-2500 for more information regarding royalties.

What is the minimum number of CDT Codes that I can use without having a license agreement?

US Copyright Law under Chapter 1, Section 107 allows certain limited use of copyrighted works, referred to as "fair use" and such uses are permitted without a license. You may want to consult with a copyright attorney to determine whether your proposed use of the CDT Codes falls under "fair use." If you are unsure whether your proposed use constitutes "fair use," please complete the licensing application and submit it for review.