How do we select resources for our Members?

By continually evaluating them against four key criteria. You can be certain that every company endorsed by ADA Business Resources:

  • Offers ADA Members preferred pricing 
    Each provider must deliver special pricing and a unique value proposition to our Members.
  • Solves a proven member need
    There is a clear and proven member need for this product and service among a significant portion of Members, measured by an existing customer base or Member research. 
  • Is an industry leader
    We only extend our endorsement to companies that are competitive in the marketplace, fiscally sound and available to dentists nationwide.
  • Holds a higher service standard
    The companies we select deliver customer support Members expect and deserve, with our staff acting as your advocate.
  • Supports the ADA's mission
    Like the ADA, the companies we select are committed to helping dentists maintain a positive and productive practice environment.