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  "You can’t let monetary problems interfere with learning or deter you from furthering your education. With this scholarship, I’m free to make the best decisions about my future."

Justin Cole
ADAF – RWJF Pipeline Scholarship recipient
Howard University College of Dentistry

The ADA Foundation connects promising students with opportunities to learn about the benefits and rewards of teaching dentistry through Foundation scholarships, fellowships and grants. From the Hillenbrand Fellowship to student scholarships, these programs help ensure the tradition of excellence in dental education far into the future by encouraging students to pursue careers as teachers of tomorrow's dental students.

Information and Applications for Education Programs

IMAGE: Oluremi Ogunsanya, student at Howard University College of DentistryDental Pipeline Scholarships "Jump Start" Minority Dental Careers

To expand opportunities for dental education among low-income and underrepresented minority students through the Dental Pipeline Project (DPP) of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the ADA Foundation initiated a scholarship program to amplify the DPP’s ability to support minority dental students. The ADA Foundation’s program funded ten 4-year scholarships to students at five dental schools.

Oluremi Ogunsanya appreciates the assistance his scholarship provides. His parents emigrated from Nigeria, and had high expectations for their U.S.-born son to achieve the American dream. Because of his passion for dentistry, high grades and financial need, he was an ideal candidate for the additional funding provided by the new Foundation program. Now a student at Howard University College of Dentistry, Ogunsanya finds that the scholarship helps relieve financial pressure so he can focus on his studies, and achieve his dream.