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The ADA Foundation provides charitable assistance to dentists and their immediate families in times of emergency.

Relief Grant Program

ADA Foundation Relief Grant assistance has helped many dentists and their families by providing financial assistance when accidental injury, advanced age, physically debilitating illness or a medical condition prevents them from being gainfully employed, resulting in the inability to be wholly self-sustaining.

Information and Application:

   Relief Grant Program (Link)

Emergency Disaster Grant Program

Purpose: The purpose of the ADA Foundation Emergency Disaster Grant Program is to provide a small measure of immediate financial assistance to eligible dentists (as defined in these guidelines) who are victims of a disaster. A disaster is defined as a "sudden occurrence which inflicts widespread catastrophic damage to a large geographic area and/or which generally affects a large number of individuals." Disasters can be both natural and caused by human conduct. Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to: civil disorders (excluding acts of war), explosions, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, wildfires, hurricanes, ice storms, and similar natural disasters.

Eligibility Requirements: Any dentist who is a victim of a disaster may apply to the ADA Foundation for a grant.

Helping Dentists and Their Families


The ADA Foundation can provide charitable financial assistance to dentists and their immediate families when life's challenges become too great to bear alone. We also work with the American Dental Association to coordinate assistance on the state and local level.

A young dentist experiences a debilitating accident, resulting in his inability to work for half a year. An older dentist is diagnosed with a nerve disorder and loses the use of his hand. A dentist's widow falls on hard times and cannot pay her bills. With the support of the ADA Foundation, these individuals and others can begin putting the pieces back together and identify additional resources to get their lives back on track.