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American Dental Association Statement: EPA’s Announcement on Amalgam Separator Use

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CHICAGO, Sept. 27, 2010 - The American Dental Association (ADA) agrees with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that amalgam separators play an important role minimizing the release of mercury into dental office wastewater, and that is why we promote their use.  That said, we cannot comment on the proposed EPA regulation announced today until the agency shares it with us.

The ADA has since 2002 promoted comprehensive, science-based recommendations, known as "best management practices," to help dentists ensure that no significant amount of mercury travels from their practices into the environment.  In 2007, we added the use of amalgam separators to these BMPs.  And we have worked continually with the EPA to further promote BMPs.

Dentists are just as concerned about the environment as all Americans-we and our families breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat the same fish as everyone else.  We remain committed to providing the best possible care, safely and responsibly. We will carefully review any proposal from the EPA with that foremost in mind.