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Fee Structure

The ADA Seminar Series offers seminars to the dental community as a package program endorsed by the ADA and at a value price. This benefit provides the ADA members an opportunity to showcase some of the most distinguished speakers in the field of dentistry. The seminar series offers a flat rate fee structure to U.S. host societies for a booked seminar. This flat rate policy also applies to the speaker. All expenses must be managed by the speaker within the given honorarium paid by the ADA. Hosting societies accept the all inclusive plan upon booking; they presume all parties will abide by the stated rate. The success is based on the volunteering of time from our speakers and in-kind donations from the host societies which is in addition to the ADA seminar fee.

The following procedures shall be understood before booking a seminar:

  • Ground transportation for the speaker: the hosting society is asked to provide in-kind donation of ground transportation especially if the seminar is located 40 miles from the airport.
  • Hotel: the speaker is challenged to select economical and safe lodging. Seminar Series requests a hotel room be gifted as an in-kind donation by the hosting society. If this is not an option, then a reservation should be made in the name of the speaker. If the seminar location is remote or flights are limited and the speaker is required to stay over an additional night, it is requested that the host society incur the additional night’s expense.
  • Handout: A speaker’s handout and evaluation form is electronically submitted from the ADA to the host society. It is the sole responsibility of the host to duplicate and distribute the handout at the seminar or make it electronically available to the attendees.
  • Invoicing process: The seminar host society will be invoiced by the ADA following the seminar. All invoices should be paid in 30 days.
  • Pre-approval: is required for all audio and visual recording of the seminar.
  • Seminar duration: seminar programs vary in length of time Please advise the staff of your need in your request.

To book a seminar(s) visit the ADA Seminar Series home. An automated voice mail system is in place to assist you with any questions. Call 1.800.621.8099 x2908 for assistance. The Seminar Series is accepting inquiries up to two years in advance. Visit our website for updates on future fee increases.

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