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July 28, 29, and 30, 2011 
ADA Headquarters
Chicago, IL

Conference Objectives

  • To learn what Evidence-Based Dentistry is and how to apply EBD principles and tools in clinical decision-making.
  • To recruit and train selected dentists throughout the United States to become Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions to disseminate information about EBD to their colleagues. 

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EBD Champion Recruiting and Application

This conference recruited approximately 100 dentists throughout the US to become Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions. The Champions were recruited through an application process. Eligibility criteria are:

  • Member of the American Dental Association
  • Reside and practice in the United States
  • Oral health care provider directly involved in patient treatment

Selected EBD Champions commit to sharing knowledge and skills gained from the Conference. Dissemination can occur through a variety of formal and informal mechanisms. Applicants were asked to describe their dissemination plans.

Applicants were selected in order to obtain a representative sample of US dentists from a broad range of practice and work settings. The primary selection criteria for the EBD Champions:

  • The applicant’s proposed dissemination strategy, and 
  • Thought leaders who have the ability to gain access to the local professional community, dental school, or health organization to promote the value of EBD.
All attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. Attendees receive continuing education credits for their participation in the program. The American Dental Association is an ADA CERP-recognized provider. ADA CERP logo

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Pre-Conference Session – Not to be missed!

"This session was extremely helpful; valuable to have the hands-on experience before the main event."
-2010 pre-conference participant

Get a hands-on introduction to EBD in the pre-conference workshop offered on Thursday, July 28. This popular session offers help to those participants who want to gain practical experience in looking for evidence online in the ADA's Learning Center.

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Pre-Conference Sessions

July 28, 2011
Four sessions were offered in small groups. This workshop included introductory information on EBD and online computer searches for scientific information. Participants learn how to use the EBD Website and clinical queries searches on PubMed.

Introductory Comments
Dr. Christopher Smiley 

The Basics of EBD: Introduction to the EBD Process
Dr. Jane Forrest  

Evidence-Finding Search Strategies
Dr. Jane Gillette

Introduction to PubMed
Dr. Julie Frantsve-Hawley

Conference Program
Day 1: July 29, 2011 8am–4:30pm

Introduction to Conference
Daniel M. Meyer, DDS
American Dental Association
Senior Vice President, Science and Professional Affairs

Session 1: Implementing EBD in Practice

Moderator - J. Leslie Winston, DDS, PhD

History of the EBD Champions Program
J. Leslie Winston, DDS, PhD
Procter & Gamble
Director, Oral Care Professional & Scientific Relations 

Grading the Evidence: The Core of EBD 
Philippe Hujoel, PhD, DDS, MSD, MS
University of Washington, Seattle

Making EB Work in Practice; Communicating Evidence to Your Patient and the Role of the Dental Team in Implementing EBD 
Jane Gillette, DDS
Private Practice Dentist

Table Discussions - 1: Challenges in Your Practice

Session 2: Adapting to Change: Utilizing the Resources

Moderator - Christopher J. Smiley, DDS

The Evidence on Emerging Issues: Providing Patient Care in the Absence of Evidence
James J Zahrowski, DMD, MS, PharmD
Private Practice, Orthodontics - Tustin, California

Assisting Colleagues in the Implementation of EBD Principles, Addressing 3rd Party Issues
Wiliam Kohn, DDS
Delta Dental Plans Association
Vice President, Dental Science and Policy

Challenges of Change
Robert Weyant, DMD, DrPH
University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
Chairman, Dental Public Health & Information Management

Table Discussions - 2: Strategies to Overcome Challenges in Your Practice

Q & A: Day 1 Summary: Panel

Day 2: July 30, 2011 8am–4pm

Session 3: Your Role as a Champion

Moderator - Dr. Brian T. Kennedy, DDS

Why should I be an EBD Champion?
Janet Clarkson, BDS PhD, FDS RCS,
Dental Health Research Unit University of Dundee, Scotland, UK

Exploring the ADA's resources
Julie Frantsve-Hawley, RDH, PhD
American Dental Association
Director, Research Institute and Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry

How Can I be a Champion?
Dr. Susan Paurazas, DDS
Private Practice Dentist

Table Discussions - 3: Strategies to Disseminate Information

EBD in Dental Schools: The San Antonio "CATS Initiative" 
John D. Rugh, Ph.D.
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Professor and Chairperson, Department of Orthodontics

Dental Practice Based Research Networks (PBRNs)
Paul Benjamin, DMD, MAGD, FACD
Dental Practice-Based Research Network
Private Practice Dentist

Q & A: Day 2 Summary: Panel

Concluding Comments

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