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Keep in Touch During Your Transition to Dental Practice

With so much on your mind, it’s easy to forget about your ADA membership. Don’t worry—maintaining your membership is much easier than obtaining your license!

Just simply tell us your plans, complete the appropriate application and you’re all set.
And most of you will be eligible for reduced dues—a great value!

The ADA offers reduced dues for recent graduates at the national level. Many state and local societies also offer a similar dues reduction program.

ADA Reduced Dues Program for recent graduates:

  • Year 1—$0
  • Year 2—25% of full national dues
  • Year 3—50% of full national dues
  • Year 4—75% of full national dues
  • Year 5 and thereafter - 100% of full national dues

We have a membership option for everyone. Check it out:

Tripartite Membership

Ready to practice?
Tripartite Membership is likely for you. Tripartite simply means that you hold membership at three levels: local, state and national. Most of you will fall into this category. Many state and local societies also offer reduced dues.

Provisional Membership

Taking time off?
Provisional Membership is a direct membership category available to dentists who are licensed, but have not yet begun to practice. Candidates must apply for provisional membership within 12 months of graduation and eligibility will terminate December 31 of the second full calendar year following the year in which the degree was awarded.

Join after you graduate and your first year is free! If you need a second year for your transition period, your dues will be just 25% of full dues. We’ll send you an invoice and you simply renew. By year three, you will have transitioned to another membership option, but your reduced national dues will continue on the 50-75-100% schedule.

Federal Dental Services Membership

Going into the Federal Dental Services?
Entering into the military? For new graduates going into the Army, Air Force, Navy, U.S. Public Health Service, Department of Veterans Affairs, or other full-time federal employment, Federal Dental Service (FDS) membership is available. Reduced dues are available to FDS members too!

Graduate Student Membership

Going into a graduate program, residency or specialty training program?
There is a special ADA category at the national level: graduate student member. Join the ADA directly as a graduate student member for only $30.

Tip: If you join as a graduate member, you put the reduced dues program on hold for another year. That means after graduation, in most cases, you can still be a member for $0, and go through the 25-50-75-100% dues progression—for multiple years of low dues rates.

Nonpracticing Dentist Membership

Still working on your license? The Nonpracticing Dentist Membership is available to any dentist who has a dental degree, resides in the U.S. or its territories, does not hold a U.S. dental license, is not receiving compensation for delivering patient care and is ineligible for any other type of membership in the ADA.

Learn more about your membership options by clicking on Join/Renew Membership, or contact the ADA at 800.621.8099.

Tip: Don’t forget to let the ADA know where you’re going after graduation! Stay in touch with us so we can give you the resources you need during your transition. Contact us to update your information at or at 312.440.7470.