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Continuing your dental training through Advanced Dental Education

Considering continuing your education after dental school? You're not alone. Postdoctoral education is a growing trend. ADEA reports that nearly 37% of 2010 graduates planned to go into advanced dental education. According to the American Dental Association 2008-2009 Survey of Advanced Dental Education, the number of dentists pursuing advanced education has grown from 5,257 in 2002-03 to 5,864 in 2008-09, an increase of 11.5%.

Dentists pursue postdoctoral study for many different reasons, and since there are more than 700 programs available, deciding which advanced discipline and program is best for you can be an overwhelming decision.  An array of programs exists across the country, varying in structure (dental school based, hospital based), finances (stipend, tuition, or both), potential earnings, and program length among others.

The ADA can help you!
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Planning Ahead

Once you graduate from dental school and are ready to transition into your graduate program or residency, don't forget to apply for ADA Graduate Student Membership. The annual dues are just $30 and give you the full spectrum of ADA member benefits. Graduate student members have the added benefit of starting the Reduced Dues Program once they complete their programs-that means four more years of reduced rates!  Learn more about Membership After Dental School.

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