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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to see the answer. If you don’t see your question below, feel free to contact the ADA.

What is PatientSmart?

PatientSmart is the ADA offering that allows you to put ADA patient education information right on your website. An easy to add button (one small block of code) gives your patients access to up to 26 different areas of information—right from your home page.

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Why might I need PatientSmart?

For potential new patients, having a robust website with meaningful ADA content adds credibility to your practice and will help turn web visitors into first-time patients.

With your existing patients, PatientSmart education materials will help you make the most of your valuable face-to-face time. Patents will arrive having read the information you sent and are more ready to accept your treatment plan. And you can follow up with additional information electronically.

A well cared for patient, who feels their dentist communicates with them, is loyal to the practice and attracts new patients to that practice, as well.

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Is it just videos?

No. Each topic has a video and related text and images drawn from the ADA’s most popular brochures. To see sample text and images, visit the topic list.

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Won’t all that information overwhelm my patients?

No. The information is concise and easy to process. The list of treatment areas will include only the ones you choose based on your practice needs. Patients see just one article at a time. And patients can select the format they prefer—video or text.

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Does PatientSmart work on iPads and mobile phones?

Yes. PatientSmart can be viewed on most devices and browsers, so your patients can see it even when they’re on the go.

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I already pay someone to update my site. Why do I need this?

With PatientSmart, anytime the ADA makes an update to the content—that’s what your patient will see. It’s always accurate and always trusted. A webmaster can maintain your site but can’t always know which online content is accurate and current. With this tool, you deepen the quality of your web content with virtually no effort—and definitely no worry.

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Is PatientSmart a website?

PatientSmart is a way to boost the effectiveness of your existing website. With this tool, the ADA is making their long-valued, high-quality brochure information available to your practice and your patients electronically, through your online presence.

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What does it cost?

PatientSmart is very affordable.

A subscription costs only $29.95/month (charged upfront, annually) with a $99 set-up fee. There are no hidden costs and you will never be asked to pay for updates, new editions, or special software. And you can cancel anytime.

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What if I decide to cancel?

No problem, should you need to cancel your subscription, just call the ADA at 800.947.4746 and fees for any unused months of the subscription will be refunded. However, after 30 days the ADA will be unable to refund the $99 start-up fee.

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How is PatientSmart different from what other web companies are offering?

PatientSmart is an affordable, concise library of carefully selected content designed to inform, educate, and increase treatment acceptance—without overwhelming the patient or the practice staff. And because it comes from the ADA, it is specifically designed to address our members’ concerns. There’s no sales pressure and there are no hidden fees.

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Will this information all be under my web address?

Because the ADA maintains this information (and automatically updates it as needed) it must be housed centrally and not under your URL. But to make sure your practice is promoted, any time a patient accesses a PatientSmart page through your site, it will be clearly marked with your practice name and clearly marked with a one-click return to your home page.

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I have more than one dental office (or more than one website). Can PatientSmart be used for the other offices too?

One PatientSmart subscription covers one domain (URL) for up to three practice locations. If you have more than one domain and/or more than three practice locations, call the ADA at 800.947.4746 for pricing.

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What about pricing for universities, hospitals or other organizations?

For most organizations, institutional pricing applies. Call the ADA at 800.947.4746 for more information. For large group practices (generally 25+ locations), licensing rates may apply. Your Member Service Advisor can get you started. 

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I am ready to subscribe. How will it work?

1. Place your subscription order

Order using the ADA’s online catalog or call the ADA at 800.947.4746.

2. Watch for an email from ADA PatientSmart

After ordering, you’ll receive an e-mail with a link to your Subscriber Page. 

3. Authorize your site and set your preferences

Log in to your Subscriber Page. Type in your contact info, practice URL and check the topics you wish to display.

4. Cut and paste

Pick the button you want to show on your site. Then paste its “code nugget” into your page. Site visitors can click the button to see PatientSmart content. If you need help with setup, customer support is just a phone call or email away. 

5. Share with your patients

You’ll get the most from your subscription by e-mailing PatientSmart pages to patients before, during, or after visits. And of course, the information will be easy to find for patients who visit your website on their own.

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