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Cost and How to Subscribe

PatientSmart Subscription Fees

Your subscription will cost only $29.95/month (charged up front, annually) plus a $99 one-time start-up fee.

There are no hidden costs and you will never be asked to pay for updates, new editions, or special software. And you can cancel anytime.

How to subscribe

1. Place your subscription order

Order online at or call the ADA at 800.947.4746.

2. Watch for an email from ADA PatientSmart

After ordering, you’ll receive an email with a link to your Subscriber Page.

3. Authorize your site and set your preferences

Log in to your Subscriber Page. Type in your contact info, practice URL and check the topics you wish to display.

Image: PatientSmart login contact sample

Image: PatientSmart login topics

4. Cut and paste

Pick the button you want to show on your site. Then paste its "code nugget" into your page. Site visitors can click the button to see PatientSmart content. If you need help with setup, customer support is just a phone call or email away.

Image: PatientSmart login button

Other button options are below. If you prefer, you can add a just a text link with no button.

Image: ADA Patient Education button sample

Image: ADA Patient Education button sample Image: ADA Patient Education button sample

5. Share with your patients

You'll get the most from your subscription by emailing PatientSmart pages to patients before, during, or after visits. And of course, the information will be easy to find for patients who visit your website on their own.