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PatientSmart: ADA patient education for your website

With just a click from your homepage, patients have access to up to 26 different topics related to dental health and treatment. (You’ll be able to tailor the list to meet the specific needs of your practice.)

For each topic, the patient education information will be available in a video format as well as text and images drawn from the ADA’s most important brochures. That way, your patient can digest the information in the manner he or she prefers.

Each page of PatientSmart has your contact information at the top, so patients always have your practice in mind. You can email links to specific topics with ease—either to prepare your patient for a visit or to reinforce messages you convey chairside.

Sample Menu Page

When one of the six main categories such as “Kids and Babies” is clicked, a menu of topics appears. You have the option to hide topics or entire categories if you wish.

Image: PatientSmart Sample Menu Page

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Sample Topic Page and Video

To watch a sample video, click here.

Image: PatientSmart Topic example page

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Email Content

When the “Email This Content” button is clicked, the below window appears. Enter the patient's email address and change the message as you wish, then click Send. Your patient receives an email with a link to that topic page.

Image: PatientSmart email sample image

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Print Content

With one click, you or your patient can create a printer-friendly version of the topic page, also labeled with your practice contact information.

Image: PatientSmart print content sample

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List of Topics

There are 6 categories with a total of 26 topics. Click on a topic below to see a sample printout. Remember, you have the option to hide topics or entire categories if you wish. This is done by logging into your Subscriber Page.


Home Care



Sipping, Snacking and Decay

Kids and Babies

Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Mothers and Babies

Baby Teeth 


Healthy Smiles For Kids

Periodontal (Gum) Disease

Periodontal Disease

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Improving Your Smile

Improving Your Smile

Tooth Whitening



Restoring and Replacing Teeth

Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Options

Root Canal Treatment




Other Dental Issues

Dental Emergencies

Tooth Extraction

Understanding Your Insurance

Mouth Sores and Spots

Cracked Tooth

TMD-Temporomandibular Disorders

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