Join ADAMember Log In Member Log-on Information

When you visit Member Only content for the first time you will be prompted with a page asking you to enter your User Name (i.e., Member Number) and Password.

  • Enter your member number without dashes.
  • Check the box to remember this information in the future if desired.
  • Learn more about the Logging on to View our Frequently Asked Questions

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ADA Catalog Log-in and Shopping Information

While you do not need to log on to the ADA Catalog to browse product selections, you will be prompted to log on to finalize a purchase and receive best pricing if you are an ADA member.
To log on, go to the ADA Catalog then enter your ADA member number or customer number in the gray log in box on the right side of the page. 
If there is no log in box on this page, click the "log in" link on the top, right side of any page.

Browse the ADA Catalog by selecting the areas of interest. Take advantage of our Related Items area for recommendations. Once you've filled your shopping cart, select "View Shopping Cart' and follow the Checkout Process.

If you are a dentist or dental student and do not have your ADA Number, please contact the ADA at 800-947-4746 to ensure you receive the best pricing available to you.

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Need Help?

If you have any difficulty or would like to change your password, you may contact our Member Service Center weekdays from 8:30am–5pm Central time at: 800-947-4746 (within the U.S.) or
312-440-7727 (both U.S. and international). You can also fax your order to 312-440-3542.