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This year marks JADA's 100th year of publication. To commemorate its centennial, JADA is revisiting landmark articles that have been published during its 100-year history. Each month, JADA will publish a landmark article in its entirety, along with newly written commentary about it. Below you will find information about the most recently released JADA centennial landmark articles and accompanying commentaries, each of which is available for download.

From the January 2013 issue of JADA

image: JADA 100
A century of progress
(3 pages; PDF)
By Bruce Lee Pihlstrom,
Michael Glick, DMD

Summary: The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA), originally published as the Official Bulletin of the National Dental Association, is celebrating its 100-year anniversary in 2013.


From the February 2013 issue of JADA

image: Dental X-Ray from early 1900s

The X-ray in dental practice:
The crime of the age
Part 1 (15 pages; PDF)
Part 2 (17 pages; PDF)
By C. Edmund Kells, DDS
Originally published: March 1920 in the Journal of the National Dental Association (forerunner to JADA)

Commentary: The X-ray in dentistry, and the legacy of  C. Edmund Kells
(5 pages; PDF)
By Peter H. Jacobsohn, DDS; Mel L. Kantor, DDS, MPH, PhD; Bruce L. Pihlstrom, DDS, MS

Summary: C. Edmund Kells was a dental pioneer who championed the use of X-rays in dentistry during the late 19th century and early 20th century. "The X-Ray in Dental Practice" is a paper read by Dr. Kells at a 1919 Association meeting in New Orleans. Much of the paper discusses focal infection theory, which Dr. Kells argued was leading to the unnecessary extraction of teeth. He also made it clear that dental X-rays should be used to enhance dentistry, and not to encourage the "mania for extracting devitalized teeth."

From the March 2013 issue of JADA

image from JADA Landmark article
The Dental Education Problem
(12 pages; PDF)
By William J. Gies, FACD
Originally published: February 1924 in The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: The Contributions of Dr. Gies
(4 pages; PDF)
By Richard R. Ranney, DDS, MS

Summary: Even though it was published nearly 90 years ago, “The Dental Education Problem” by Dr. William John Gies addresses issues that resonate with modern dentistry. The prescient Gies warned against dental schools that valued profit over research, and voiced concern about rural areas not having access to care if dentists, like physicians, “prefer…to go to the larger centers of population.” Gies also advocated for dentistry to be its own division within health services, instead of just a minor subset of medicine.  

From the April 2013 issue of JADA

image of Development of Human dentition chart from 1941
The Development of the Human Dentition
(8 pages; PDF)
By Issac Schour, DDS, PhD; Maury Massler, DDS, MS
Originally published: July 1941 in The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: A Landmark Report on Understanding the Human Dentition
(5 pages; PDF)
By Louise Brearley Messer, BDSc, MDSc, PhD; Michael J. Till, DDS, MS, MEd, PhD

Summary: As noted in the commentary, this JADA Landmark article by Drs. Isaac Schour and Maury Massler “proved to a starting point for recognition of normal development of the dentition and occlusion, forming the basis of pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.” Originally published in July of 1941, the article has gone on to be one of the most cited articles in dental literature. It also produced development tables and charts (see image) that were frequently used upon publication, and continue to be referenced in educational settings.

From the May 2013 issue of JADA

Borden Airotor high-speed air-turbine handpiece
Photograph reproduced with permission of Dentsply International,
York, Pa.
Hydraulic Turbine Contra-Angle Handpiece
(6 pages; PDF)
By Robert J. Nelsen, DDS.; Carl E. Pelander; John W. Kumpula
Originally published: March 1953 in The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: How the Development of the High-Speed Turbine Handpiece Changed the Practice of Dentistry
(4 pages; PDF)
By J. Robert Eshleman, DDS; David C. Sarrett, DMD, MS

Summary: This 1953 article by Dr. Robert J. Nelsen, Carl E. Pelander and John W. Kumpula helped pave the way for using increased rotary speeds in tooth-cutting procedures. Dr. Nelsen and colleagues went on to create the prototype for the first commercially produced dental handpiece with the turbine placed in the head of the handpiece. Drs. J. Robert Eshleman and David C. Sarrett explain how high-speed air turbine handpieces improved dentistry for both dentists and patients, sparking a practice transformation, arguably, more rapid than any the profession has ever seen. Commentary includes an interview with five dentists who were in dental school when the handpieces made their debut in the 1960s.

From the June 2013 issue of JADA

photos of Drs. Tiecke and Bernier
Left: Dr. Tiecke. Right: Dr. Bernier.
Statistical and Morphological Analysis of Four Hundred and One Cases of Intraoral Squamous Cell Carcinonma
(15 pages; PDF)
By Richard W. Tiecke, DDS.; Joseph L. Bernier, DDS, MS
Originally published: December 1954, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: Drs. Tiecke and Bernier: Pioneers in Oral Pathology
(4 pages; PDF)
By J.W. Hellstein, DDS, MS

Summary: This 1954 article by Drs. Richard Tiecke and Joseph Bernier was one of the first to spotlight the importance of identifying oral cancer risk factors in their earliest stages in order to improve treatment outcomes. In particular the authors suggest that clinicians closely monitor those patients who use tobacco or who consume alcohol heavily. As commentator Dr. J.W. Hellstein, DDS, MS, explains, if today’s numbers tell us anything — 23,000 new cases, 4,500 deaths — it’s that oral cancer continues to “drive our profession so that we can better serve our patients and improve the health of all people.”

From the July 2013 issue of JADA

image of Dr. David B. Ast
Dr. David B. Ast

Newburgh-Kingston Caries-Fluorine Study XIV: Combined Clinical and Roentgenographic Dental Findings After Ten Years of Fluoride Experience.
(12 pages; PDF)
By David B. Ast, DDS., MPH.; David J. Smith DDS.; Barnet Wachs, DDS.; Katherine T. Cantwell
Originally published: March 1956, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: Pointing the Way to Better Oral Health
(5 pages; PDF)
By William H. Bowen, PhD, DSc

From the August 2013 issue of JADA

image of Dr. Rafael Bowen
Dr. Rafael Bowen

Properties of a Silica-Reinforced Polymer for Dental Restorations
(8 pages; PDF)
By R. L. Bowen, DDS.
Originally published: January 1963, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: Beginnings of the Dental Composite Revolution
(5 pages; PDF)
By Stephen C. Bayne, MS, PhD

From the September 2013 issue of JADA

Caries Prevention in Pits and Fissures Sealed With an Adhesive Resin Polymerized by Ultraviolet Light:
A Two-Year Study of a Single Adhesive Application
(4 pages; PDF)
By Michael G. Buonocore, DMD
Originally published: May 1971, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: How the Introduction of the Acid-Etch Technique Revolutionized Dental Practice
(5 pages; PDF)
By Domenick T. Zero, DDS, MS

From the October 2013 issue of JADA

Oral Findings in People With or at High Risk for AIDS: A Study of 375 Homosexual Males
(6 pages; PDF)
By Sol Silverman, Jr., MA, DDS; Cesar A. Migliorati, DDS, MS; Francina Lozada-Nur, DDS, MS; Deborah Greenspan, BDS; Marcus A. Conant, MD
Originally published: February 1986, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: The Role of the Dental Profession in Addressing the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic
(5 pages; PDF)
By Stephen N. Abel, DDS, MSD; Sanjiv Shah, MD, MPH

From the November 2013 issue of JADA

Surgical Periodontal Pocket Elimination: Still a Justifiable Objective
(4 pages; PDF)
By Sigurd P. Ramfjord, LDS, PhD
Originally published: January 1987, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: Evidence-Based Outcomes of Periodontal Therapy
(4 pages; PDF)
By Paul B. Robertson, DDS, MS; Kenneth S. Kornman, DDS, PhD

From the December 2013 issue of JADA

Risk of serious adverse events and adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to combinations of essential dental treatment (EDT) and periodontal treatment.
(1 page; PDF)
By Bryan S. Michalowicz, DDS; Anthony J. DiAngelis, DMD, MPH; M. John Novak, BDS, MS, PhD; William Buchanan, DDS, MMdSc; Panos N. Papapanou, DDS, PhD; Dennis A. Mitchell, DDS, MPH; Alice E. Curran, MS, MS, DMD; Virginia R. Lupo, MD; James E. Ferguson, MD; James Bofill, MD; Stephen Matseoane, MD; Amos S. Deinard Jr., MD, MPH; Tyson B. Rogers, MS
Originally published: June 2008, The Journal of the American Dental Association

Commentary: The need for better studies to assess the safety of providing dental care for medically complex patients
(4 pages; PDF)
By Michael Glick, DMD