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HealthFirst offers ADA members a cost-effective amalgam recovery solution that meets the ADA’s recommended best practices for the responsible handling of amalgam waste, preventing dental mercury from entering our water supply.  Over 16 states have already passed amalgam separation mandates for dental practices, several more states are evaluating statewide requirements and the EPA is set to issue a national mandate by 2014. HealthFirst’s amalgam recovery solution provides unparalleled levels of effectiveness and durability, combined with a lifetime warranty, a pollution fine indemnification and substantial ADA member discounts.

Some benefits of the HealthFirst amalgam separator system:

Worry Free Compliance

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Wastewater pollution fine indemnification
  • Low cost of ownership - only one recycle needed per year
  • ISO ADAANSI 1143-2008 certified
  • Reminder program takes staff out of the equation

Simple to Use

  • No cleanup or waste handling for you or your staff
  • No extra flushing
  • No vacuum loss before, after or during annual dealer service
  • No plumbing permit required in most areas
  • No moving parts requiring replacement or service


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