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Dental amalgams key to ADA input on international mercury instrument

Dental amalgams key to ADA input on international mercury instrument

In February 2009, the Governing Council of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), recognizing the need to develop a global legally binding instrument on mercury, gave UNEP the charge to develop a comprehensive approach to mercury.
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Dental Practice Tips
Building an Effective Patient-to-Dentist Relationship

Building an effective patient-to-dentist relationship

Your relationship with your patients is the foundation to your practice.

Read more about how to develop and maintain a solid relationship with your patients.

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Fluoridation News
Two Florida cities take two different fluoridation paths

Two U.S. communities take two different fluoridation paths

The safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation sparks controversy all over the world. The practice of fluoridating the public water supply in the United States was highlighted in the recent decisions by two communities in the state of Florida.

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