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National Dental Benefits Conference 2012 Presentations 

More than 130 people attended this year’s daylong conference, held September 14 at ADA Headquarters in Chicago. Dentists received up to seven continuing education credits for attending. 

The following presentations are available for your review:

Mr. Benjamin Wright, CFO and vice president of strategic initiatives for AmeriBen, discussed how important provisions of healthcare reform such as the establishment of state exchanges, minimum loss ratios and bundled payment reform are significantly impacting health systems, dental insurance companies, distribution and consumers. 

Dr. Roy Shelburne went to prison on August 20, 2008 and was released on May 14, 2010. You will learn that there are ways to protect practices and to prevent what happened to Dr. Shelburne from happening to you. Hear how dentists and practices can protect themselves in the event of a Board complaint, insurance audit, malpractice claim or criminal complaint.

Dr. Charles Hoffman, member of the ADA’s Council on Dental Benefit Programs, covered information on non-participating dentist issues with third-party carriers, contractual issues, payer cost containment methods, preventing and resolving errors and common claim denials.

Dr. Gary Colangelo, certified dental consultant, provided an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of dental consultants in the operation of dental plans, ethical issues in dental consulting and how practicing dentists and organized dentistry can interact with dental consultants who have dental plan administrative responsibilities.

Dr. Robert Compton, vice president of Quality Management at DentaQuest discussed how one dental plan administrator responded to changes in market demands and created a program that both achieves improvement in quality of care as well as innovative approaches to provider compensation.
Dr. Robert Compton – DentaQuest

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