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The Core Precepts are the mission and values for ADA Staff in its support of the dental profession and the public.


ADA Staff: Dedicated partners contributing their knowledge, experience and expertise to support the dental profession and the people it serves.


  1. Members are the purpose of our work. The same is true of communities of interest and co-workers seeking assistance from us in serving our membership. We are all part of the same team, working for the same goals.

    • Membership is everybody's business
    • Diversity adds value to our community and work
    • Support the improvement of oral health worldwide
    • Take pride in dentistry
  2. We take personal responsibility to ensure that all members, potential members, co-workers, and others we serve receive a timely, accurate, and courteous response to their needs.

    • Listen with intent to understand rather than merely intent to reply
    • Freely share our knowledge
    • Meet and exceed expectations
    • Communicate clearly
  3. We take pride in our work.

    • Do the little things and the big things well
    • Demonstrate zeal for finding solutions
    • Work diligently, creatively and effectively
    • Demonstrate personal dignity, integrity, and dedication
  4. Attitudes are contagious

    • Extend courtesy and compassion
    • Be committed and professional
    • Give praise, recognition and appreciation often
    • Lead by example
    • HAVE FUN: Enjoy our professional life
  5. We thrive in a supportive organization that …

    • is based upon trust and mutual respect
    • facilitates opportunities to learn and grow
    • provides the necessary tools and information to do our job
    • treats people fairly
    • helps us feel that we make a difference and rewards contributions
    • applauds innovation and reasonable risk-taking