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Before Your Allied Dental Site Visit

Approximately 12–24 months prior to the site visit, the chief executive officer of the institution and the administrative officer of the program will receive notification that a site visit is due. At that time, a proposed site visit date will also be presented. Should an alternative site visit date be desired, the program will have the opportunity to request one.

The program administrator will receive a number of forms to be completed and returned to the Commission in preparation for the upcoming site visit. These include:

  • Confirmation Site Visit form
  • Institutional officer's data forms
  • Program and personnel data forms
  • Sites Were Instruction Occurs form
  • Site Visitor Evaluator's Report (SVER)
  • Self Study Guide (a paper copy and an electronic copy in Microsoft Word)
  • Accreditation Standards
  • Evaluation Policies and Procedures Manual
  • Last Site Visit Report

Once the requested information has been received in the Commission office, another mailing will be sent confirming the site visit date. This mailing typically occurs in March/April the year before the visit is scheduled. The program director will receive the following information:

  • Frequency of Citings
  • Single Allied Education Visits
  • Multiple Allied Education Visits

Note: If the program is being evaluated in conjunction with a comprehensive dental school visit, please refer to the Predoctoral/Comprehensive Dental Education portion of this website.