Call for Review Committee Nominees

Nominations are urgently needed to fill available Review Committee positions. CODA seeks a Dental Assisting Practitioner, a Higher Education Administrator, and a Public Member. Read More


CODA Strategic Planning Continues

CODA’s Strategic Planning is in full swing! Look for the CODA Quality Assurance and Strategic Planning article in the most recent Communicator issue. Read More.

Why Accreditation Matters

Accreditation is the ultimate source of consumer protection for prospective students. It is often a prerequisite for governmental funding. Graduation from an accredited program is almost always stipulated by state law and is an eligibility requirement for licensure and/or certification examinations. In short, accreditation of a school or program is a student’s most important source of independent validation that the program has at least enough educational value to be “approved” by a credible (expertise-based), independent (free of outside influence), reliable (consistently applied standards) organization that has the U.S. Department of Education’s approval.  

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