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ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program

Recognizing the need to offer its members and the dental community a way to select continuing dental education (CE) with confidence and to promote the continuous improvement of CE, the American Dental Association Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) was established in 1993.

Through an application and review process, the ADA CERP evaluates and recognizes institutions and organizations that provide continuing dental education. The program assists regulatory agencies and organizations that have CE requirements to identify CE providers whose activities are acceptable for credit. However, ADA CERP does not approve the specific courses or the credit hours that recognized providers offer. Nor does ADA CERP maintain a registry of CE credits. It is the responsibility of the CE provider to maintain records of participants in its educational activities. It is the responsibility of participants to retain documentation verifying participation in CE activities and to submit copies to their individual licensing boards as required.

Providers of continuing dental education are evaluated in 14 aspects of CE program quality by the ADA CERP. Only providers that can meet ADA CERP standards and procedures are granted approval and are authorized to use the ADA CERP logo and recognition statement. Once approved, providers are held accountable for maintaining those same high standards through periodic reevaluation.

ADA CERP is administrated by a standing committee of the Council on Dental Education and Licensure that includes representatives of the American Dental Association, American Association of Dental Boards, American Society of Constituent Dental Executives, American Dental Education Association, and organizations representing the recognized dental specialties.

Organizations interested in applying for ADA CERP recognition are encouraged to read the information on the ADA CERP Recognition Standards and Procedures process.


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