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Additional Resources and Contact Information

Contact your dentist, dental hygienist or the local dental society component of the American Dental Association in your area. You may want to try to arrange for a brief visit to a dental office to observe a dental hygienist at work. You also can contact an accredited dental hygiene program and arrange to talk with a counselor and visit the school.

For a list of accredited Dental Hygiene programs, please contact:

Commission on Dental Accreditation
211 E. Chicago Avenue , Chicago, IL 60611
Email: accreditation@ada.org

American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA)
444 North Michigan Avenue
Suite 3400
Chicago, IL 60611-3902
Fax: 312.440.8929

American Dental Education Association (ADEA)
1625 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036-2212
Fax: 202.667.0642