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For Students: Dental Examinations and Licensure

National Board Dental Exam (NBDE) Parts I and II

Most states require applicants for initial dental licensure to have graduated from a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited dental school, have passed the National Board Exams Parts I and II, and have passed a clinical exam administered by the state or by a regional testing agency. Licensure is a complex and ever-changing topic and the ADA continues to monitor the licensure environment.

Requesting Exam Results

Two examination results reports are included in the NBDE examination fee: one for the dean of the accredited dental school (you are attending or have attended) and one for you. You will receive your results report in the mail at the address indicated on your application 3-4 weeks after you've completed the exam. For additional information contact:

Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60611

Re-prints of previously issued NBDE exams

ASDA sells re-prints of previously issued NBDE exams, parts I and II. You can find them at ASDA's website.

Preparing for the clinical licensure exam

Dental licensure marks the transition between dental school and dental practice. The ADA publishes a free guide called Understanding Licensure (PDF).

Also available for download is a document that serves to promote awareness of the potential ethical dilemmas faced by candidates during the examination process. The document reflects existing ADA policy supporting the elimination of the use of human subjects in the clinical examination process with the exception of the Curriculum Integrated Format (CIF) within dental schools.