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Management Conference Week

Key Information

About ADA Management Conference Week

Management Conference Week is a unique opportunity for local, state and national dental society executives to convene, connect and collaborate with their peers.

The week begins July 20-21 with workshops and meetings geared to state and local executives, including a Welcome Reception on Tuesday evening, July 21, followed by the Management Conference itself July 22-23.

Whether you’re a regular participant or a first-time attendee, a state or local executive, we enthusiastically invite you to be an integral part of this year’s Management Conference Week.

Please feel free to direct any questions or suggestions to your Leadership Team Services conference team:

Ron Polaniecki, manager, 312.440.2599, polanieckir@ada.org
Kristi Gingrich, program coordinator, 312.440.2598, gingrichk@ada.org
Joe Martin, director, 312.440.2597, martinj@ada.org