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Report to Congress


Report to Congress
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Year One: 2014 A Report to Congress – Executive Summary (PDF)

Year One: 2014 A Report to Congress (PDF)

A year ago, the American Dental Association (ADA) launched a nationwide, grassroots movement to help solve the dental health crisis in America. 

Action for Dental Health (ADH) is a nationwide, community-based movement to help end the dental crisis in America by providing care now to people suffering with dental disease, strengthening and expanding the public/private safety net, and bringing dental health education and disease prevention into underserved communities.

The ADA released a progress report to Congress, outlining the initiatives, goals and progress to date of ADH. Year One: 2014 A Report to Congress covers eight Action for Dental Health initiatives—each targeting specific barriers to dental health, and each with specific goals, all aimed at bringing good dental health to the greatest number of Americans. The report features stories about dentists and community partners who have developed sustainable models that improve access to care for those who need it most, and about the patients whose lives they improve.

Engage allows ADA members to contact their legislators and stay informed on critical public policy issues that affect dentistry.