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National Board Dental Examinations

Special Announcement: Subject matter experts needed (by July 31, 2016) for test specification review panels.

Please see the call for nominations in News and Resources for detailed information.

National Board Examinations

The purpose of the NBDE Part I and Part II, and Dental Hygiene examinations is to assist state boards in determining qualifications of dentists/dental hygienists who seek licensure to practice dentistry/dental hygiene. These examinations assess the ability to understand important information from basic biomedical and dental/dental hygiene sciences and also the ability to apply such information in a problem-solving context.

Specific dental and dental hygiene licensure requirements vary among jurisdictions, but all jurisdictions have three basic requirements: an educational requirement, a written examination requirement and a clinical examination requirement. You must complete all three for basic licensure requirements.

Before you can apply to take any of the examinations, you must obtain a DENTPIN®. For more information on DENTPIN, click here.