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Test Construction

National Board Test Construction Vacancy Information

As a member of a test construction committee, a dental or dental hygiene test constructor can make a significant contribution to the profession. Their expertise and commitment enhance the quality of the National Board Dental and Dental Hygiene Examinations.

Test constructors are responsible for reviewing the test specifications based on current knowledge and practices within their respective fields. Implementing these specifications in their item selection for each examination is one method to ensure test validity. Test constructors are also responsible for constructing a clear, precise and cohesive group of test items for each examination, which directly influences score reliability. Therefore, it is essential to the quality of the examinations that the test constructors use their subject-matter expertise, their familiarity with the associated curriculum and their awareness of what is important in the field of general dentistry and dental hygiene in the construction of each new examination.

Continuing education credit is awarded to test construction committee members for their participation in the development of the National Board Dental Examinations. Test constructors can receive up to 15 CE credits for each meeting.

Annually, vacancies occur on the various National Board Dental and Dental Hygiene test construction committees.

Information regarding vacancies on the test construction committees is posted in November with an application deadline in January of the following year.

The application deadline for 2014 vacancies has passed; however, committee vacancies for 2015 will be posted the first week of November, 2014.

Download the National Board Orientation Manual below for additional information on the responsibilities of various test construction committees, the committee selection process, committee meetings and more: