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Certificate for International Volunteer Service

The Certificate for International Volunteer Service recognizes ADA members who have volunteered in developing countries to improve the oral health and overall health of individuals.

Guidelines for Volunteer Service

The aim of the volunteer should be to improve the availability of health care on a continuing basis through activities that will have a lasting effect. It is suggested, therefore, that the volunteer:

  • make an effort to either do the following tasks themselves and/or train local personnel to do them: teach preventive procedures, perform emergency services and repair equipment;
  • encourage other dentists to go on follow-up visits;
  • be cautious

Certificate Criteria and Application

Applications for the Certificate of International Volunteer Service must be received by July 1. 

Submit a Nomination

Criteria for applying for and receiving the certificate include:

  • be an active, life, student or retired member of the American Dental Association;
  • have served in an international location with a program sponsored by a dental school or recognized nonprofit organization for a minimum of 14 days, either in one period or in several visits, in any 24-month period;
  • have provided clinical dental service and/or taught local dental personnel or assisted in training initiatives to improve the local oral healthcare infrastructure;
  • supply evidence of the dates of the service with a comprehensive, detailed breakdown of activities and the value of the contribution by means of a letter or testimonial from the director of the program or other appropriate official (for student members working in a dental school program this requirement shall be the responsibility of the dean or director of the outreach program);
  • be nominated by a component or constituent society, federal dental service or dental school;
  • be verified in writing to be a member in good standing by the component society, if such exists, or by the constituent society, commanding officer or dean of the dental school as appropriate.

Awarding of the Certificate

Nominations are reviewed by the Board of Trustees at their meeting in early August. Recipients will be announced within 30 days of the meeting and the certificates will be distributed to the recipient as requested in the online nomination form.  A certificate may be awarded to the same individual more than once.

2015 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2015 Award Recipients who have been recognized for their volunteer efforts.

Dr. Brady Atkins, New York
Dr. Robert Thomas Bartoletti, Montana
Dr. Ed Bedrossian, California
Dr. Nanette Benedict, California
Dr. Victor Bradford, Colorado
Dr. Charles Burchfield, New York
Dr. Stephen Burgart, New York
Dr. Pearl Burns, Florida
Dr. Steven Call, Arizona
Dr. Michael Capogna, New York
Dr. Peter Cha, New York
Dr. Steven Chang, California
Dr. Sonal Chhanabhai, Massachusetts
Dr. Risha De Leon, Massachusetts
Dr. Gregg Dickinson, Wisconsin
Dr. Lincoln Edwards, Texas
Dr. Lynn Fujimoto, New York
Dr. Ignatius Gerodias, California
Dr. Paul Giotopoulos, New York
Dr. Sara Goldberg, New York
Dr. Randy Greenberg, Connecticut
Dr. Gregory Guyman, Washington
Dr. Christine  Halket, Arizona
Dr. Andrew Hoover, California
Dr. Rex Hoover, California
Dr. Anthony Ienna, New York
Dr. Laura Izzo, New York
Dr. Laurence Johns, Arizona
Dr. C. Neil Kay, Illinois
Dr. Ryota Kikuchi, Massachusetts
Dr. Jessica Kravit, New York
Dr. Miranda Krivca, New York
Dr. Sushma Kurella,  Georgia
Dr. Thomas Laboe, Michigan
Dr. Christine Lathuras, Connecticut
Dr. Stephanie Leung, Massachusetts
Dr. Jack Levine, Connecticut
Dr. John Ley, Colorado
Dr. Richard Litchfield, Oregon
Dr. Jennifer Lonnen, New York
Dr. Linda Low, California
Dr. Mark Macaoay, California
Dr. Olivia Masry, New York
Dr. Nima Massoomi, California
Dr. Robert Meyer, Colorado
Dr. Sarah Ordonez, New York
Dr. Mark Ortinau, Missouri
Dr. Amrita Patel, Massachusetts
Dr. David Paul, Massachusetts
Dr. Ramsey, Charles, Illinois
Dr. Janet Ruopp, Missouri
Dr. Samita Sandhu, Massachusetts
Dr. Brad Smith, Arizona
Dr. Matthew Tong, New York
Dr. Joseph Turchiano, New York
Dr. Jere Patricia Walters, Montana
Dr. E.J. Welch, Massachsuetts
Dr. Jeanne Westberry, Florida
Dr. Allen Wong, California
Dr. Laurence Wynn, New York
Dr. Albert Yoo, New York
Dr. Elliot Zharnitsky, New York