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Public Programs


Celebrate with Hermey!

You may remember Hermey the Elf, Dental Do Gooder, from the classic Rudolph television special. Now, he's teaming up with the ADA for holiday tips, activity sheets and more! Visit the MouthHealthy Holiday Workshop.


Find A Dentist

Regular visits can make a difference on your dental – and overall – health. If you need help finding a dentist, we’ve got you covered. Search by location, specialty or name, and make an appointment today! Start your search.


Why Every Child and Teen Needs Dental Sealants

New report shows dental sealants are an effective and affordable way to prevent children’s cavities; reducing the risk of decay by nearly 80% in molars. Learn more.


ADA Seal of Acceptance

Search the ADA Seal database and find more than 300 consumer products that have passed the rigorous ADA Seal test. Search now.

The American Dental Association is America’s leading advocate for oral health – supporting dentists and educating the public on the importance of oral health and its link to overall good health.

All Americans deserve access to good oral health care, which is why access to care is one of the ADA’s top priorities.

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